Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Crafted in Excellence

Scripture Reading: Genesis 1:1-2:5
Then God looked over all that he had made, and he saw that it was excellent in every way.   (Gen. 1:31 NLT)
In the 1980’s my wife and I were heavily involved in the craft business. I made all kinds of useful items out of wood including children’s toys, puzzles, games, and furniture. Elaine knitted baby sweater sets and made pillowcase dolls. We sold our items at craft shows around St. Louis County and as far south as St. Genevieve. There is a sense of fulfillment in being able to take a piece of raw material and fashion an item of beauty.
     Such was the case when God created the universe. Not only did He create a perfect environment, but He formed it out of non-existing materials. He merely spoke everything into existence. Once the earth and all living creatures were created, God sat back and viewed his work. He smiled and said, “It is good!” What words would you use to describe God’s craftsmanship? Would you use words like awesome, spectacular, perfect, flawless, regal, superb, or unsurpassed? I don’t believe there is a word in the English language that can adequately describe a creation that is formed out of nothing.
     We often stand and sing “I Stand in Awe of You” and other hymns of worship. When I view a sunset so brilliantly hued that it takes my breath away, I say, “Thank you, Father, for your excellent majesty.” Similar expressions of thanksgiving and praise spring forth at the sight of magnificent waterfalls and spectacular mountain formations.
     Recently I spent some time on Mount Titlus near Lucerne, Switzerland. The beauty of the snow covered peaks was beyond description. It was raining in the valley, but as my wife and I rode the gondola to the top of the mountain all we could see was snow. At the top, we even had the pleasure of walking through an ice cave. We stood in awe as we watched people from countries near the equator wallow around in the snow. It was their first experience with the fluffy white stuff.
     If you’ve ever done any wood carving or created an award-winning design, you would know how God must have felt when he brought this world into being by the words of his mouth.
     Do you stand in awe of God’s creative power? Do you thank him that you are wonderfully complex (Ps. 139:14) and made in his image? As an act of worship make a list of six evidences of God’s creative excellence that you see every day.
Prayer: Dear Lord, how I praise you for the beauty of nature. You crafted in excellence this world for us to enjoy, and may everything in it bring glory to your name. 

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