Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Snorkeler or Diver

 Snorkeler or Diver
“But they delight in the law of the Lord, meditating on it day and night.        (Psalm 1:2)
My daughter loves to spend her vacation in areas where there is pure, clear water good for snorkeling. She has snorkeled in Hawaii, Mexico, and next year plans to go to the Bahamas. The snorkeler swims just below the surface along the reefs where there are thousands of multi-colored fish, crustaceans, starfish, and other sea creatures. To go deeper would require a diving suit with attached air hose and weighted shoes. A person would need special training before trying deep diving. It would be advisable to begin with a course on snorkeling before attempting anything more advanced.
   Part of my training for the U.S. Navy was to jump in a pool and see how long I could hold my breath while swimming under water. The average time one can hold their breath is approximately two minutes. We had one sailor who could stay under water for three minutes. He had fantastic lung power and qualified to be a submariner.
   When you apply these facts to the Christian life we find that believers have two choices to make each day. We can approach our daily Bible reading as a snorkeler or as a deep sea diver.
   The snorkeler is identified as the person who stays near the surface, satisfied with nourishment found in the shallows. The Bible speaks of snorkelers as “newborn babies, who crave the pure milk of the word.” (1 Peter 2:2) On the other hand, you may be like the deep sea divers who dig into the “meat of the word.”
   Are you a snorkeler or a deep sea diver when it comes to your daily meditation on the word of God? It’s okay to be a snorkeler once in a while, but to grow in the word we need to follow the example of the Psalmist and study, reflect, and meditate on the law of the Lord “day and night.”

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me move on from being a snorkeler to a deep sea diver in your Word.

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