Thursday, September 27, 2012

Praying in Strange Places

   Have you every thought of some of the strange places where you've had the opportunity to pray?

   My most meaningful prayer took place while kneeling on the steel deck of a ship back in November 1953.  That's when I received Christ as my personal Lord and Savior.  Since that time I have had the privilege to pray in a number of strange places.

   One time I ran into a friend at a Walmart store.  He shared with me some of the difficulties he was facing with his family and right there in the middle of busy Walmart I put my arm around him and we prayed together.   Another time I was shopping in the Value City furniture store at Mid-Rivers and the saleslady shared how her husband had deserted her.  We stopped in the aisle and I prayed for her.

   The latest occurrence took place at the Home Depot store in O'Fallon.  My handicapped grandson (who can't speak) and I were getting some paint supplies.  Mr. Jim, the paint man, saw the tractor picture on Jonathan's T-shirt and pulled out a couple pictures of his own tractor to show him.   As we were about to leave the store, Mr. Jim came over and asked, "Would you mind if I said a prayer for Jonathan?"  We stopped and Mr. Jim put his hand on Jonathan's shoulder and asked God to bless him.

    You never know when or where God will open the door of opportunity to pray for someone in need  Be prepared -- it may happen in a very strange place.

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