Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Lord said, "Return to Me"

   It must have been a horrible experience for the prophet Jeremiah to preach sermons that warned of destruction of his people.  In the midst of their rejection and faithlessness, God pleaded with the people to put away their wickedness and "return to Him."  But they just wouldn't listen to the truth.  They continued to spurn his love and disobey his laws.  In fact, he told them, "you don't even have any shame."

   Reading the book of Jeremiah is like reading today's headlines.  Our society is not much different from that of Jeremiah's day.  Governments are doing everything they can to rule God out of our society.  Here's a few things to remind us of what has happened over the past fifty years. First they tried to claim that God was dead. Then prayer and the Bible were eliminated from the local schools, Jesus' name could not be mentioned at graduation ceremonies, the ten commandments couldn't be displayed in public places, and the list goes on and on.  It just seems strange to me that Christians can't exercise their right to pray publicly, but the Muslim followers can pray openly five times a day.

   What's wrong with our culture?  By and large our society has rejected Jesus Christ as Lord.  Humankind refuses to recognize or be responsible for their sins.  They want a god of their own making.  That's exactly what the Israel and Judah wanted and look what happened to them.  Do we want the same thing to happen to our beloved America?  It will unless we humble ourselves and pray asking God to forgive our sins and heal our land.  We have a choice to make and it starts on November 6th.

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