Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Led by the Spirit

That day the Spirit led him into the temple.  (Luke 2:27a NLT)

   On numerous occasions the Bible tells us that people were led by the Spirit.  Jesus was led by the Spirit to be temped in the wilderness (Luke 4:1); Simeon was led to the temple to fulfill a prophecy (Luke 2:27); Paul and Barnabas were set apart and led by the Spirit to go out from Antioch and preach the gospel to the Gentiles; and Peter was led by the Spirit to talk to Cornelius.

   My wife and I were led by the Spirit to volunteer our services to several Christian organizations.  We made eight trips overseas to Peru, France, Papua New Guinea, and Cameroon with Wycliffe Associates holding VBS sessions with missionary kids.  We spent a month at a time serving with the Navigators at Glen Eyrie conference center in Colorado Springs. We volunteer on a regular basis with Child Evangelism Fellowship's "Truth Chasers Club" in our home town of Warrenton, Mo.

   We mention this solely to encourage believers to listen to the prompting of the Spirit of God who is able to place the desire in their hearts to serve the Lord.  Take time to seek out Christian organizations to find out what opportunities are available to volunteer your services.  The two key words in serving the Lord are: "availability and flexibility."  Be prepared to go wherever the Spirit leads you no matter what the cost.

   Are you open to the Spirit's prompting and willing to obey the command given in Matthew 28:19?

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