Thursday, January 8, 2015


Scripture Reading: Genesis 16:1-15
Thereafter, Hagar used another name to refer to the Lord, who had spoken to her. She said, “You are the God who sees me.” She also said, “Have I truly seen the One who sees me?”             (Gen. 16:13 NLT)
As a boy I remember playing the game Hide-and-Seek. Usually a tree was chosen as the home base and one person was chosen to be what we called the “It”. He or she would stand by the tree and count to twenty while the rest of the players ran away to hide. The person who was chosen as the “It” would turn around and try to find the hidden foes. Once found they would race back to home base to see who could get there first. The last player to be found would then become the new “It.”
     I also remember playing the game of Peek-a-Boo with my little ones. When I held my hands over my eyes my little one wasn’t supposed to be able to see me. I would magically disappear and by removing my hands and saying peek-a-boo reappear again. Sometimes I would sneak a peek through my fingers to see their reaction. They would usually laugh and put a hand over their eyes to mimic the game.
     As adults we sometimes react to God like infants playing the game of Peek a Boo. We convince ourselves that if we hide from him, he won’t be able to see our actions.
     Adam and Eve attempted to play hide-and-seek with God in the Garden of Eden. After they sinned by eating the forbidden fruit, they hid amongst the bushes thinking God wouldn’t see or find them. Their attempt at playing the hide-and-seek game with God failed—they were caught.
     Cain tried the same thing when he murdered his brother Abel. When God asked Cain where his brother was, Cain lied and said, “I don’t know. Am I supposed to keep track of him wherever he goes?” (Gen. 4:9) The God who sees all said, “His blood cries out to me from the ground!” (v.10) Cain was unsuccessful in hiding his sin from God.
     Hagar tried to play the hide and seek game by running away and hiding in the wilderness. God was the “It” in that game and easily discovered her whereabouts.
     Isn’t it about time we stop playing Peek-a-Boo and Hide-and-Seek games with God? There’s nothing we can hide from him. God blesses open and transparent lives. Don’t be afraid to tell Jesus what’s bugging you. Share with him your deepest fears and concerns. Confess to him your shortcomings. You might as well tell him because he aready sees and knows.

Prayer: Dear Lord, You are an all-seeing God, and there’s nothing I can hide from you. You know my most secret thoughts. Help me to be open and honest with you. 

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