Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hallowed be Your Name

Jesus’ Blueprint for Prayer
“Hallowed be Your name”
In the model prayer, Jesus taught the disciples to say, “Our Father in heaven, HALLOWED BE YOUR NAME.”
   What’s in a name? The Jewish people chose names for their children in hopes the name would embody the personality or character behind the name. Early American Puritan followed the same practice. They gave their children names like Silence, Charity, Hope, Love, and Patience. Today, Christians give their children Biblical names such as Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, Paul, etc. with the hope their child would live up to the name. Even Jesus followed this practice as he changed the name of Simon to Peter. Simon was a shifty, impetuous, unstable, unlearned fisherman; whereas, Jesus wanted him to become Peter (meaning a “rock”).
   The words, hallowed be Your name,” are a reference to God’s character and person. To hallow means “to sanctify, to set apart, to make special.” The opposite of hallow is “to profane, to disgrace, to besmirch the name.” When we pray, “hallowed be Your name,” we are not only expressing reverence to God and calling upon Him to be God to us, but we are recognizing that he is Holy.
    Our focus on God’s character and holiness should be reflected in our inner life and in our prayers for others. Our prayers for others should not be limited to their deliverance from sin, but also that they would come to know who he really is – the God of holiness, grace, and righteousness. Once they fully understand who He is, they will hallow His name.
    The question is: will you allow God to be God in your life? Will you honor and reverence Him not only in your prayer life, but your behavior as well?

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to live a life of holiness that honors and reverences your name – “hallowed be your name” in heaven and here on earth. Amen!      

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