Monday, November 14, 2016

Jesus' Blueprint for Prayers

Jesus’ Blueprint for Prayer
“Lord, teach us to pray just as John also taught his disciples” (Luke 11:1)
If you follow this series of devotions on my Facebook page, you will learn in what manner you, as a follower of Jesus, should approach the throne of God, and what should be included in your daily prayers.
   After spending two years with Jesus, witnessing his miracles, listening to him teach and pray, they came to him one day and said, “Lord teach us to pray just as John taught his disciples.” I find this a remarkable question! What would I have asked if I were in their place? Would I have asked, Lord teach me to preach like you do, or Lord teach me how to do ministry? Not the disciples! They wanted Jesus to teach them how to pray.
   Fascinating! Isn’t prayer one of the easier tasks for a believer? Haddon Robinson in his study guide on “Jesus’ Blueprint for Prayer” said, “Frankly, prayer has proven to be the most demanding discipline of my life. At different times I have found it strenuous, boring, frustrating and confusing. Over the years a solid prayer-life has been more intermittent than persistent.” I can certainly echo Mr. Robinson’s admittance.
   Jesus’ disciples had a tremendous advantage. Oftentimes when Jesus went up to the mountain to pray, they were with him. They listened to him pray in the garden, on a hillside, in front of thousands of people, in the wilderness, in the desert, and on a boat. Most if not all of Jesus’ prayers were done outside. We find no evidence of Jesus praying in a house or in the temple.
    I have found over the years that my most intimate prayer times have been outside walking along mountain trails, or sitting on a bank fishing, or up in a tree stand during hunting season waiting for daylight to arrive. The quietness and stillness bring a sense of solitude where man and God can meet.
   Is prayer high on your priority list, or just a mundane religious duty?

Prayer: Dear Lord, teach me your blueprint for prayer.

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