Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Time Alone

What is the most difficult challenge you and I face on a daily basis?  For me it is setting aside time to get alone with the Lord.  It seems that the moment my eyes open the mind is already trying to sort out the daily activities and place priority on each one.  Fitting in daily Bible reading and prayer is difficult when the baby is crying, lunches need to be packed, kids getting ready for school, or the dog needs to be walked, or even when the fish are calling you from the lake.

   It was difficult for Jesus to find time alone with his heavenly Father.  People pressed him all the time looking for free handouts, healing, personal attention, or to just sit at his feet.  On several occasions he had to go up into the mountains to be alone and pray.  He prayed all night prior to selecting his twelve disciples, and he went alone to pray after the feeding of the five thousand.

   Do you have a set Time Alone to get with the Lord each day?

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