Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Depth of Trust

Depth of Trust
Scripture Reading: John 21:1-14
“At dawn Jesus was standing on the beach, but the disciples couldn’t see who he was.  When they got there they found breakfast waiting for them—fish cooking over a charcoal fire, and some bread.”  (Jn. 21:4, 9 NLT)
Trust is a word with copious meanings.  As a noun, it means “an assured reliance on the character, strength, or truth of someone or something, a basis of reliance, faith, or hope.  As a verb, it means to entrust, depend, believe or have confidence in someone.”  (The Merriam Webster Dictionary, new addition, 2005).
     The first disciples put their trust in a man who claimed to be the long awaited Messiah.  They had spent three years under his tutelage and yet failed to really understand who he was.  Peter, who declared his allegiance and willingness to die for the Lord, when challenged by an insignificant nobody, failed to acknowledge he even knew Jesus.  On another occasion he bungled his attempt to walk on the water.  On the night that Jesus was betrayed they all forsook him and fled.  Every attempt they made to prove their worthiness fell short of his expectations.  Their level of trust was weighed in the balance and found wanting. 
     In spite of their lack of trust and unworthiness, we see Jesus on the seashore cooking breakfast unmindful of the disciples’ failures, undeterred by their denials, reassuring them of his loyalty and trust.  His depth of trust in them far exceeded their level of trust in him.  The disciples were an intricate part of Plan A to reach the world with the good news of his death, burial, and resurrection, and there was no Plan B.  His commitment to them was beyond all question.
     Jesus was willing to embrace the failures and frailties of this group of men just as he is with you and me.  How many times have I failed to take advantage of opportunities to witness for my Savior, or pulled back when instructed to move forward?  Perhaps you are like me and have a hard time overcoming the fear of rejection, and shrink at the thought of reaching out to the unsaved.  My first encounter with knocking on doors to inquire about the spiritual relationship with the occupants was a total disaster.  When the door was slammed in my face it left a stigma of fear that took a long time to overcome.  Eventually as my depth of faith grew a new boldness took over and sharing Christ and his work became less threatening. 
     Knowing our deficiencies, Jesus continues to offer acceptance, understanding, and love.  He is willing to use us even though our faith is weak.  There is no Plan B.

Prayer: Dear Lord, help me to overcome the fear of rejection by increasing my depth of trust.

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