Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Military Genuises

Military Geniuses
“There he divided his men and attacked during the night from several directions.” (Genesis 14:15a NLT)
During the Old Testament days we had a number of military geniuses.
   One of my favorite military leaders who showed an extraordinary genius strategy was Abram who took 318 of his trained hired servants in pursuit of his nephew Lot who had been captured by King Kedorlaomer’s army. He divided his small army of 318 men into separate divisions and attacked the enemy at night. Can you imagine how this affected the minds of the enemy soldiers? Did you notice that they attacked them from “several different directions” all at the same time. This was a genius move by Abram. The enemy soldiers panicked thinking a large force was bearing down on them. What happened? Kedorlaomer’s army fled!
   Other Old Testament military leaders who showed exemplary strategic tactics were Barak in his defeat of the Assyrian army commander Sisera, Gideon who used a nighttime strategy to confuse and defeat the Midianites, David who defeated Israel’s enemy Goliath with a stone, and Elijah who defeated the prophets of Baal with fire. These men were successful because God provided them with the strategy and the necessary tools to win.
   During more modern times we have such great military strategists as Skanderberg who used guerilla tactics, Attila the Hun, Ganghis Kahn known for his brutality and sheer terror, Hannibal Barca, Alexander the Great known for his exceptional speed, Napoleon Bonaparte, George Washington, Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson, Erwin Rommel the father of modern tank warfare and given the nickname of the “Desert Fox”, George S. Patton, and others. These military leaders are all known for their courage in battle.
   We need to show courage as we take a stand for the truth that is being waged by Satan and his enemy forces. Before you enter the battle be sure to make it a daily habit to put on the whole armor of God as described by Paul in Ephesians 6:10-17.

Prayer: Dear Lord, give me the courage and strength to preach and teach the whole counsel of God rightly dividing the word of truth. 

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