Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dirty Hands

Aaron and his sons will wash their hands and feet before they go in the tabernacle to appear before the Lord and before they approach the altar to burn offerings to the Lord.  (Exodus 30:19)

      I heard my mother say, "Robert go wash your hands before you come to the table."  Does this ring a bell with any of you?

     I have heard friends say to me, "I can't go to church with you until I clean up my life."  What a feeble excuse! Once a person I was witnessing to said, "God can't save me because I've been too bad and done too many sinful things."  Such individuals don't realize they are prime candidates for the grace of God.  If truth be told, you can't do anything to clean up your act.  God never excepts human efforts for salvation.  We must come to God first, acknowledge out utter helplessness, and allow him to do the cleansing. (Titus 3:5)

   What thought pattern, habit, or activity is causing you to feel you are too dirty to enter God's presence?  Using a pencil make a list of several habits, thoughts, or actions that you know will no meet God's approval.  Ask God for his forgiveness for each one and erase them from your list.  God cleanses through the precious blood of his son, Jesus Christ.

Thought for the Day: God's ability to cleanse is always available to meet your needs.

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