Friday, July 22, 2011

What is your Legacy?

And I heard a voice from heaven saying, "Write this down: Blessed are those who die in the Lord from now on.  Yes, says the Spirit, they are blessed indeed, for they will rest from their hard work; for their good deeds follow them!"  (Revelation 14:13 NLT)

   I glanced over at Emma sitting in her special chair, seeing her ready smile, listening to her quick wit and thought, now there's an example of a life lived fully for the Lord.

   At age 99, Emma spends each Tuesday at Child Evangelism's discipleship center grading Bible correspondence lessons from children around the world.  If you are downcast, discouraged, or feeling blue, talk to Emma.  She has a radiant smile and lively spirit that will make your frown disappear.  Her humorous stories (at 99 she has plenty) will keep you in stitches with laughter.  Emma's presence brings a much needed radiance into our world of sadness and gloom.  I have no doubt that her good deeds will follow her from here to eternity.

   Old Testament believers like Abraham, Moses, David, Elijah, and Daniel left us legacies of faith and obedience.  Their labors for Jehovah still inspire people today to give their lives in service to the King of Kings.

   The testimony that you live today will follow you even after you leave this earthly life.  Will it inspire others, or will it cause those who hear it to turn away from following the Savior?  We have only one life to live -- live it in obedience to the Lord and "your good deeds will follow you even after death."  (Revelation 14:13)

Thought for the Day: Good deeds of kindness are an extension of the love of God.

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