Monday, October 24, 2011

Holding the High Ground

He raised us up and seated us with him in heavenly realms in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 2:6b)

   Satan is a powerful enemy and a great strategist, but he has one glaring disadvantage; he does not hold the high ground and the army holding the high ground wins.

   You and I have a tremendous advantage over Satan and his armies.  First, we have Jesus as our commander-in-chief and he has never lost a battle.  Second, we are seated with Jesus in heavenly places and hold the high ground,  Third, we have the armor of God as our protection.

   Are you taking advantage of your position in Christ?  When Satan comes with his temptations what do you do?  Where do you turn for help?  Let us not forget that we are "seated with Him in heavenly places" -- we hold the high ground.

   When the enemy gets ready to pounce, simply point to Jesus and say, "I'm with Him."

Thought for the Day: Prayer is our access to the high ground.


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