Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Perception Becomes Reality

For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he:…(Proverbs 23:7a KJV)
            Our world is undergoing constant change.  It is difficult to keep abreast of all the new technical advances.  Every day another announcement is made of a new advanced software, I-pad, smart phone, android gadget that is better than the old one.  The internet is overloaded with blogs, social networks, and information devices seeking to gain your interest and attention.  Nearly 90 percent of the world’s population has a mobile phone that can send and receive messages, pictures, and video. 
            What conclusion can be drawn from all this technology?  Simply, that the world is rapidly shrinking.  No longer do you have to wait days and weeks to receive “snail” mail; it is right at your fingertips.  Millions and trillions of dollars are transacted with the push of a “key.”  The global marketplace provides instant access to worldwide products.  Isolation is a thing of the past as no country can afford to go it alone anymore.  We are all involved in the world’s affairs whether we want to or not. 
            The instability of world governments causes a feeling of fear in the hearts of many.  This perception of fear then becomes a reality.  Whether real or imagined this fear causes people to grasp for a means of deliverance.  They reach out for someone or something that can ease their fear and feeling of hopelessness.  Some try to find security in drugs, alcohol, unhealthy relationships, or crime.  Others give up all hope and turn to suicide.  What is the answer?
            Those of us who have encountered this feeling of fear and hopelessness know that Jesus Christ is the only source of deliverance.  He came as light to a dark world and offers hope, encouragement, and security to a lost society. 
            What is man’s greatest need?  The answer is: to love and be loved.  Jesus brings to us the love of God as demonstrated by laying down his life for us. (Romans 5:8) 
            We have a golden opportunity to bring hope to a fearful people by assuring them that God is still on the throne, and in complete control.  Nothing takes him by surprise.  He is the author of history and knows the end from the beginning. 
            To those who may be rattled and fearful in light of today’s headlines, we urge you to turn to Jesus Christ to find hope and salvation.  Jesus paid it all, all to him we owe, sin hath left and crimson stain, but he washed it white as snow.  

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