Wednesday, August 10, 2011


His sons-in-law thought he was ridiculing them.  (Genesis 19:14)

   Facing tragedy is one of the greatest challenges any human being has to endure.  Some people respond favorably and rise above the tragedy, while others succumb and fall into bitter resentment.  When Jesus died his disciples cowered behind closed doors.  The two men on the Emmaus road walked home confused.  Peter wept.  Judas hanged himself.  Thomas doubted.  The disciples walked with Jesus for three years, ate and slept with him nightly, and had the advantage of personal instruction from the master.  Still they faltered in their faith.  It wasn't until after the Day of Pentecost that they understood all that Jesus had told them.

   Have you ever had to face the loss of a father?  My father passed into eternity at the young age of forty-nine.  I remember being devastated, confused, fearful of the future.  Perhaps you have faced a similar situation just as tragic.  How can you deal with a fatherless situation?  I know from experience that without a personal relationship with Jesus Christ it would be most difficult if not impossible to achieve the assurance and security that is needed.  Jesus is the one person who is able to take you in his arms and provide the comfort and love so sorely missed.  Won't you turn to him?

Thought for the Day: Walk every day with your family as though it were your last.

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