Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Brain and the Brawn

Make this tabernacle and all its furnishings exactly like the pattern I will show you.  (Exodus 25:9 NIV)

   I learned from personal experience what it takes to build a house.  First, there has to be a designer and a design.  The architect draws up the plans and give you a list of specifications and materials.  Second, the materials needed to build the structure have to be purchased.  Next you need workers who can follow the plans and put the structure together.  Finally, the house has to pass certain inspections and safety codes before it can be occupied.

   When the Tabernacle was being constructed, God was both the Brain (designer (architect) and the general contractor.  Moses was the foreman who saw that God's plans were carried out, and the children of Israel were the Brawn (workers).  The people had the responsibility of supplying the materials for the constructions.

   Whenever we determined to perform a task for the Lord we need to go to the Master builder to get a plan. God has a design and a plan all prepared for us to follow.  We can labor at projects that seem meritorious, but if they are not in accordance with God's will, our efforts will be in vain.

   What are your plans?  Do you have a course of action?  Ask God to be your architect and master planner.  Thank him for his willingness to make you a part of the crew.  Let him guide you as to what nail should strike.

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