Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mountain Climbing

So Moses arose with Joshua his servant, and went up to the mountain of God. (Exodus 24:13 NASB)

   On the mountain across from our home in southwestern Colorado was an outcropping called Shark's Tooth.  One day our friend, Bob Plummer decided to take my wife and I up to see it.  We took his jeep as far as we could, and hiked the rest of the way.  Climbing up the mountain didn't seem to difficult, but coming down was a different story for Elaine.  The smooth soles on her tennis shoes caused her to slip repeatedly.  Once when she reached down to break her fall, she sprained her wrist.  We finally got her down by form a chain with Elaine holding on to Bob's belt and I right behind I held on to her collar.

   This experience echoes the difficulties we have in our spiritual lives.  There are some mountains that are difficult to climb and falling down is paramount to disaster.  We are in danger of getting bruised and embarrassed.  Stay away and you'll sidestep a lot of stress and grief.

   One of these mountains is self.  When we climb the mountain of self-sufficiency, self-ambition, and self-indulgence, a disaster is waiting at the top.  For many years my mountain climbing was all about ME.  I was selfish and ambitious.  Nothing could stand in my way.  Then a miraculous event took place.  I came face to face with the claims of Jesus Christ.

   Beware of the mountain of self-effort?  Take it from me, the only way to gain access to a joyful life is through the Lord Jesus Christ.

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