Monday, May 30, 2011

Good and Bad Choices

But the people answered Joshua, saying, "No, we are determined to serve the LORD!" Joshua 24:21 NLT

   From the moment you roll out of bed in the morning, you're face with decisions -- some big, some small.  First, you must decide what clothes to wear.  Then comes the decision of what to eat.  These are small decisions compared to what you will face the rest of the day.  Most decisions are short term choices, but occasionally we are faced with long term ones.

   Many years ago I came to a crossroads in my life and faced a long term decision.  It seemed as if I were looking into a crystal ball and could see my whole life unfolding before me.  One road would lead me down a broad road full of twists and turns that ultimately led to a cliff with an abyss below.  The other road was straight and narrow and though I could see potholes and obstacles along the way -- a brilliant light shone at the end.  My decision to take the straight and narrow road changed my life completely.

   Not all decisions I have made turned out to be good ones.  Like the time I was confronted by the custom officials at the airport in Lima, Peru.  As they examined my luggage they found a projector that I was carrying to use with the missionary children.  They accused me of failing to declare it and pay the duty.  In their minds they thought I was trying to smuggle it into the country to sell it for a huge profit.  I could not convince them otherwise and the projector was confiscated.  My failure to declare it was a bad decision.

   Joshua, the newly appointed leader of Israel, had choices to make too.  He forced the children of Israel to make a decision whether to put their faith in local gods or in the living God.

   We make the same choices.  Every day we must decide whom we will trust and serve.  To follow the Lord Jesus Christ is a good decision, but to follow the urges of the flesh is a bad decision.  Bad decisions lead to dismal failure and repercussions that affect both you and your family.  Good decisions bring joy to the soul and a feeling of accomplishment.  The choice is yours!

Thought for the Day: God will never counsel you to make a bad decision.  

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