Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Making a Mess of Things

So that night they got him (Lot) drunk, and the older daughter went in and sleep with her father.  He was unaware of her lying down or getting up again.  (Genesis 19:33)

   Have you watched the series of movies about Beethoven, the beloved dog of the Newton family?  Beethoven, the loveable St. Bernard made a mess of the Newton household.  His drooling, disaster prone antics left everyone laughing, except the father, Mr. Newton.  Beethoven's disasters were never done intentionally.  They just happened.

   The messes we make in our lives aren't necessarily deliverate or intentional either.  They often happen because of bad decisions and wrong judgments.  I am thankful that God understands when I mess up, and willingly forgives me when I confess my wrong to him.  I worship a God of second chances who is willing to give me a new beginning.  Like beloved Beethoven -- even though he mressed up big time -- he always found a way to save the day. 

Thought for the Day: God is in the mess-up cleaning business.  


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