Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Broken Record

After Ehud's death, the Israelites again did what was evil in the Lord's sight.  Judges 4:1

   The history of the book of Judges reads like a broken record.  God raises up an individual to act as Judge over Israel.  Her enemies are subdued and the oppression ceases, but as soon as the Judge dies, Israel returns to her evil ways.

   Do you see any difference between the way the Israelites behaved and our present generation?  During a crises we make great promises -- only to break them and return to status quo as soon as things turn to normal.

   We elect promising candidates to public office with great hopes of changing the political climate in Washington D.C. -- only to find out that everything is business as usual once the election is over.  Promises are made -- promises broken.  Hopes are dashed.  Elected officials ignore the wishes of the people who got them where they are, and instead, they succumb to the wishes of special interest groups.  Will things ever change?  Is there any hope?

   Israel was guilty of living a lifestyle that wanted favor from God without responsibility.  That is the way many of us want to live our lives.  We want all the blessings that God can give, but aren't willing to make the changes necessary to warrant those blessings.

   Blessings come to those who are willing to live in obedience to His will.

Thought for the Day: God's blessings are available to those who walk by faith.  

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