Monday, June 13, 2011

Colorful Signs

I have placed my rainbow in the clouds.  It is the sign of my permanent promise to you and all the earth.  Genesis 9:13

   Children delight in rainbows.  The arch of colors filtering through the clouds bring exclamations of joy.

   As we approached the town of Frisco on the way home from our vacation in Colorado, the boys in the back seat shouted, "Dad pull over and look at that beautiful rainbow."  Sure enough, there was the arch of a colorful rainbow.  We could see both ends of the arch, and I recalled what my mother used to tell me as a child.  "Bob, there's a pot of gold at one end of the rainbow." I surely would love to have that pot of gold, and there was the end of the rainbow sitting right on top of the Pizza Hut restaurant.  To my boys the pot of gold was a Pepperoni and Cheese pizza.  "Let's go get that pot of gold," they shouted.

   Sometimes we see God's promises reflected in other ways.  When I was in Bible school we were down to our last can of baby Lima beans, the only thing in the house to eat.  God provided the next meal by putting a five dollar bill in my mailbox.  On another occasion I made a stupid subtraction mistake in my checkbook, but found that God had put a $500 dollar check from the government in my account a month early.  Recently we were preparing for a mission trip to Cameroon and God supplied the needed funds through various means.  One person walked up to me after church and handed me three one hundred dollar bills.  Another person offered $500 for a baby sweater that my wife had knitted.  God is not restricted in the way he works to supply our needs.

   What rainbows do you see?  Where do you witness God's faithfulness to you?  Look for it in the small needs met just at the right time.  List five ways God has provided for you unexpectedly.

Thought for the Day: God uses lots of rainbows to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our lives.

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