Thursday, June 16, 2011

Will it be today, Lord?

Therefore Jesus said, For a little while longer I am with you.  Then I go to Him who sent me.  (John 7:33)

   Are we there yet?  How I dreaded hearing those words from my kids as we drove along the highway leading to Niagara Falls.  How do you explain time and distance to a child?  My normal response was, "It's only a little farther."  The normal cliches don't work well with children.  They might satisfy for a few minutes, and then I would hear it again, "How much longer?  When will we get there?"

   I"m sure Jesus had the same problem with his disciples.  Near the end of his earthly stay he said, "For a little longer I am with you, then I go to see him who sent me.  You will seek me, and will not find me, and where I am, you cannot come."  (John 7:33-34 NASV)  Jesus said he'd be gone for awhile but would return.  What do ;you suppose the disciples were thinking?  Wondering?  Were they confused, skeptical, doubting, discomfited, or in denial?

   How many times in my life have I been in denial?  Denying the existence of a given truth doesn't make it less true.  Denial only prolongs the agony of facing up to the truth.  Jesus said, "I am going away, but I will return." Do I really believe that promise, or am I living in a state of denial?  If I truly believe, then I will be living in anticipation of his return.  Every day when I wake up the question will be on my lips, "Will it be today, Lord?"

   Are you patiently waiting for the Lord?  Jesus said, "Occupy till I come."  We need to be busy serving him while we are waiting.

Thought for the Day: There has never been a time when God did not fulfill his promises.

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